It is time to bid adieu to the conventional body and face lotions and moisturizers. The face oils are now a staple in the women’s beauty cabinet, all thanks to their natural ability to moisturize and nourish many different skin types. Even though they are called oils, they do not make your face oily, and no, they do not make you break out either. 


Furthermore, they are enriched with ingredients, such as fatty acids, polyphenols, and antioxidants, all of which are phenomenal for your skin, and help lower inflammation, and offers a dewy glow to the skin.


So, regardless of whether you wish to lower the redness, curtail the rosacea or acne irritation, or moisturize your face, face oil can come in handy. Here, we will discuss some of the best face oils for you.


Coconut Oil


Starting with the obvious, coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin K. It is easily absorbed into the skin and has phenomenal health benefits. More so, coconut oil is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


However, please bear in mind, even though coconut oil is a phenomenal pick for your skin, it is not the best if you have acne-prone or oily skin. It is because, in some people, coconut oil has caused breakouts. Justine, an educator who offers online assignment Help Sydney, says that she uses coconut oil in a carrier, and it works best for her skin. For effective skincare, you should always look for unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil.


Rosehip seed oil



Rosehip seed oil is a potent skin-nourishing oil. It is also one of the excellent anti-aging oils. This oil is extracted using a cold-press method from a particular variant of a rose plant, which is grown majorly in Chile. This oil is excellent for your skin because it is a phenomenal source of beta carotene and Vitamin C, D, and E. With its richness and goodness, it works well to moisturize and hydrate your skin, lower your wrinkles, and combat free radical change.


That is not it. Being rich in antioxidants and vitamins, the Rosehip seed oil rejuvenates your skin, corrects skin discoloration, reduces the spots or scars on your skin, and helps your skin restore its natural flexibility.


Now, the thing is, Rosehip seed oil is known as a dry oil. So, it tends to be quickly absorbed by the skin. You can use it in conjunction with other skin lotions or oils, given its phenomenal anti-aging and moisturizing properties. 


Argan Oil


In Morocco, Argan Oil is known as liquid gold for its plethora of beauty and skincare benefits. This oil is extracted from the argan tree’s kernels and is enriched with Vitamin E, protein, and fatty acids. It is great for both hair and the skin as it is supremely hydrating and strengthens and stimulates hair growth. Many people use argan oil for nail treatment too.


If you have brittle nails, all you have to do is take some argan oil (pure only) in any bowl and soak your fingers in it for approximately ten minutes every day for seven days. Alex, an educator who offers online python homework help, says that she has been using argan oil on her face, body, hair, and nails for the past six months, and it has never felt better. We 100% agree with Alex, as Argan Oil is a complete oil. 


Marula oil


Marula oil is extracted from the marula fruit’s nut, which is majorly grown in Africa. Given its excellent benefits, it will soon be the next big thing you know of in the skincare industry. Famous for its beautifying benefits, lightweight texture, and versatile nature, this facial oil is commonly found in several women’s vanity these days. It is known to lower skin inflammation, redness, irritation, and dryness. Marula oil is a phenomenal source of fatty acids and is known to contain approximately sixty-percent more antioxidants as compared to several other oils.


Also, it protects your skin from pre-mature aging and sun damage. Since it has anti-microbial properties, it can also be a good pick for women with acne-prone skin. Marula, as we have discussed, is versatile and multi-faceted oil.


So, you can use it on your hair, skin, and nails. The good thing is it never leaves your skin feeling greasy or oily. Thus, it is a perfect replacement for a moisturizer and can be used as the first layer underneath your makeup before applying foundation or concealer. It will give a lovely luminous finish to your skin. 


Olive Oil


Sonya, an online trigonometry tutor, shares that even though olive oil does not cause any skin allergies or reactions, her dermatologist recommends only its extra virgin variant. Olive oil is rich in Vitamin K, E, D, and A. Several studies suggest that olive oil happens to be a phenomenal skin moisturizer, owing to its hydrating properties.


Given its consistency, it is a perfect pick for application across your body. Additionally, you can also use olive oil soap or a cleanser to ensure that your skin does not look dry. 


Almond Oil


Almond oil is made via the pressed raw almonds and has several health benefits. It is a fine source of potassium, proteins, zinc, and Vitamin E. The good thing about almond oil is that it has a relatively lighter texture compared to shea butter and olive oil.


However, refrain from using sweet almond oil as it can cause allergies. In totality, women with sensitive skin should skip this oil from their beauty routine.

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