DIY Fashion Crafts That Might Interest You 


There are many fashion projects you can do by yourself at home. The good thing about fashion is that you can make many designs using one material, thus having many clothes and items to wear with your family. You can easily make trousers, skirts, sweaters, caps, jewelry, and any other thing you may feel like, as long as you have the required materials, tools, and adequate time. With increasing internet use and technology growth, many online tutorials can guide you to DIY many things. This article is also part of the tutorials and can help you learn some of the easiest fashion crafts you can make at home. Here is the list.

1. Constellations Scarf

Do you know that you can make a constellation scarf fully with prints while seated at home? Yes, it’s easier to achieve the best pattern using the hand stitching procedure. With this item, you will need fabric paint, craft foam, white colored pencil, pair of scissors, super glue, disappearing ink pen, embroidery floss with a needle, and an optional embroidery hoop. First, you have to draw your print on a piece of paper and cut it out. After that, use a white pencil to trace the image on craft foam, then cut it out from the form. Use the super glue to attach the cutting image on a piece of cardboard to create a stamp. With the stamp, create as many uniform prints in the material to create a constellations map. After doing so, draw the lines connecting the images, and then embroider them. Continue with the process until when the scarf is complete with the pictures and lines. 

  2. A Knitted Scarf

While at home, anyone can knit a pretty knitted scarf. This process will enable you to develop a customized design and stop spending your money buying one. You only need to get some yarns, a knitting needle, and have some time to perfect the art. According to knitting experts from, you can switch different yarn balls as you knit, and you can use various colors to create different patterns on your scarf. For a big scarf, it’s essential to have at least 200 yards of yarn on standby. For the needles, choose a medium one since bigger ones will leave larger holes between threads, while smaller ones can make your scarf too tight. Make yourself comfortable and start knitting by tying your first knot and creating subsequent ones. Make at least 10 to 40 first stitches with your preferred yarn, depending on the required size. Do the first 12 rows with the first color, cut the yarn, including the second color, and continue with the process until you get the desired pattern and size. Once you are done, cast off the stitches and weave the ends back to the scarf to create a perfect finish. 

3. Basic Pillowcases

Making pillowcases is an easy process that you can use to make something that can spice up your bedroom. You can start by making a basic pillowcase. First, choose the best materials that won’t irritate when asleep, including cotton, satin, or jersey material. Ensure the material is washable, too, and fits your bedroom theme. After choosing the material, you need to cut it according to the pillow size you will need, and mostly, it is 45” x 36”. Ensure the pattern is straight and folded into half, length-wise, with the wrong sides facing out. Stitch on the long sides and one short side using a sewing machine. If you don’t have one, you can consider hand-sewing. Ensure the thread you chose matches the material and slowly create perfect stitches if using hand. Lastly, hem on the open side before finishing on your pillow. 

You can also decorate your pillowcase by adding decorative lace, ribbon, or any other material that will create an appealing look to your pillowcase.

4. Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are easy to make if you can follow this process keenly. Once you understand the process, you can make some more that will fetch you some quick cash. To start with, get some yarn and the stitching needles and follow this process:

  • Start by casting some forty stitches. The forty stitches will be the length of your gloves, and you can add more if you need it longer. Ensure you leave a long tail of the yarn to use it later on stitching the glove. The yarn suitable for the gloves is a worsted weight yarn.
  • Please knit every row until the glove can wound around your arm. In most cases, these will be 48 rows, but you can do less or more. Ensure you knit every row until the pattern wounds quickly.
  • After you are done, cast off, cut the yarn and gently tug the tail to tighten its loop.
  • You can then fold your glove into a half and sew the first two inches to close it. After sewing the sides, sew the bottom and make the final finishes to have your complete fingerless glove.

       5. Convert your Jeans into shorts

The good thing with jeans is that they don’t go off fashion. If you are tired of wearing trousers, you can quickly turn them into shorts following this simple process:

  • Choose the pair of jeans you would want to turn into shorts.
  • Pre-shrink the jeans by washing it 
  • Mark on the lengths you will want your shorts to be. It’s essential to wear them first then do the marking.
  • Remove the marked jeans and lay them on a flat surface. Make the cutting mark using a ruler.
  • Use the scissors to cut the jeans off. Ensure the cut follows the line and it’s in a straight line.
  • Wear the shorts before deciding the hemming. If they appear short, do not do the hemming but try to frail the ends.
  • Hem the shorts 
  • Decorate the shorts by adding flowers, pockets, or a patch with the left material.

There are thousands of fashion crafts you can do at home. The above list is only a drop in the ocean, which you can practice this festive season and any other time you are free. The good thing about these crafts is that they use the already available materials and tools and only take an hour or less of your time. 



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