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There is something special about the final days of summer. You bid goodbye to the sunny days and comfortable temperatures. The visits to the beaches in the most stylish shorts and all the crazy bikinis sure are exciting. The first feelings of fall are much akin to a fresh, new beginning. As the t-shirts and shorts pave the way to relaxed and comfortable jeans, Fall 2020 promises to put us out of our quarantine miseries.

The fashion items you buy during this season are not likely to be worn to the office or to a premium restaurant you visit for a gourmet dinner. But considering the lockdown and that Corona is in its third wave right now, it isn’t something you are likely to be doing. Life and happiness are to be found in the present moment. So, make the most of the COVID-19 affected 2020 Fall life by observing the following fashion tips:

Sneaky And Sexy

In the fall of 2020, you want to limit your footwear to sneakers, and if you crave a bit of extra diversity for something special, then perhaps a boot. You might wish to find a durable sneaker, one which will spare you the experience of sneaker drops coming out. The fall season is the best season to wear sneakers. Due to the relatively less heat, sneakers are comfy during fall. Comfort has been the most significant fashion trend across all of 2020. This trend continues well into the fall season, where it acquires the center stage; it is its moment of the year after all. Sneakers come in numerous styles, and you will indeed find one that fits your style needs with supreme comfort.

Buy A Go-To Fall Outerwear

A go-to outerwear piece is a worthwhile fashion investment for Fall 2020. The outerwear need not be a jacket though both denim and leather jackets will fit the purpose perfectly and are a necessary part of every wardrobe. You are free to take your pick from plaid flannel shirts or cardigans made from cashmere or maybe even a trench coat. Such outerwear will constitute the most important dress in your fall 2020 wardrobe. To make easy layering keep in mind to choose light outerwear that will let you wear a tote or wrap it around your hips. Another thing to remember is the profound differences between fall outerwear or coats and winter coats, especially in their warmth. You need to play smart and play with the fall outerwear trends of 2020.

Buy Boots That Are Perfectly Suited For The Fall Season

With the passing of summer, it is time to bid goodbye to your sandals for the time being. Feel free to replace them with style-friendly fall boots and booties to drive home the point that fall is here officially. Choose ankle boots made of suede or similar material, or you can also buy heeled boots stretching to the knees or even combat boots. Pair such footwear with summer or denim dresses for the perfect look for fall.

Styled For The Workplace

Fall is the time you bring back all those staple work dresses like suits. Summer was intended for a more casual approach to your work attire. And let fall transition you to full-fledged winter workwear by pairing white fitted tees with a blazer. Exercise care not to go overboard with your workplace fashion. Women can choose midi skirts that mainly flow and gird them through belts.

Pair Warm Outfits With Summer Pieces

Add a layer of clothes, and voila, your summer dress will work like a charm for the fall season too. This fall is particularly suitable for the look created by slip dresses worn over leggings and black turtlenecks. Another stylish option open to you is to pair your high-waist jeans with crop tops covered by a cardigan. Keep in mind that you can layer almost all types of summer dresses by wearing them over a top so that you stay warm. Such tops may both be short or full-sleeved- something you should let the temperature decide. Tank tops work for falls, too, when it is layered below a long cardigan or an oversized button-down dress.

Combine Winter And Summer Dresses

You can take the tip mentioned above one step further and get a killing combination of a basic winter dress like shearling jackets, turtleneck sweaters, and corduroy pants. Wear winter tops like knits and oversized blazers with bottoms that are more suited for the summer months like midis and Bermudas. You can also switch sides and put on woolen trousers with a silk cami. The summer part of the dress will help you not to get too heated for comfort.

Cotton Is Cool

As all fashion pundits know, if there is one fabric you can rely on, especially during fall, it has to be cotton. It is a fact that cotton fabrics fit fall perfectly considering the dry and windy weather. The typical cotton fabrics like corduroy, flannel, or denim are usually way too much on the heavier side to be comfortably worn in the summer months. If you live in a warmer climate, you might want to try jeans with wide legs that give adequate airflow to let you stay cool. On the other hand, straight skin-hugging jeans are perfect to beat the wind chill of colder areas.

Play It Bold

Do you know about the idea that we should wear dresses that match the colors of nature for that particular season? You must also know that dinosaurs are extinct. It is a brave new fashion world out there, and the fall 2020 trends have it that go bold on your dress colors this fall. Considering that summer is just over, isn’t it great to finally wear dark neutral shades and bright hues after the light color looks of summer.

The experience of fall is determined to a great degree by where you live. Fall is an extension of the summer season for some people. In contrast, for others, it might be a slightly chilly warning that winter is coming soon. Above all, it is a transitory time. It affords loads of opportunities for the discerning follower of fashion. Wishing you a fashionable 2020 fall.



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