Casinos Influence On The Fashion World


Casinos Influence On The Fashion World

Since the birth of the traditional land based casinos, fashion has had a major influence. In the early days, it was very seldom casinos had a dress code for its guests, however employees always had a strict attire to appeal to high end customers and create an atmosphere of high class. Many employees would be dressed in formal wear to create the high standards expected from casinos. It was, and still is, an easy way for guests to distinguish what each employee’s tasks are. Whether they were security or a waiter, each would be designated with a specific uniform. Here you can find the best poker sites.


The Early Days Of The Casino Industry And Fashion

The casino culture didn’t really take off until they decided to integrate bars into casinos in North America. It quickly became a must for those with money and ranked high in wealthy social circles. It was inevitable that these types of customers would dress and look their best when attending casinos. When the culture started to gain momentum and the rich and famous continued to gain access, many casinos decided a dress code for guests needed to be enforced. The fundamentals of the American casino soon spread worldwide and the traditional  casino as we know it was born. In the early days guests were expected to wear suits and evening dresses. Presentation was key if you had any chance of fitting in with the upper class at a casino. Nowadays, casino goers seem to wear stylish but much more comfortable clothes. Formal wear is still common, but not as popular as the past. Nowadays, it seems most casinos have turned their focus on getting large numbers in through their doors rather than a select few. 


Online Gambling

Many people these days are gambling from their own home, possibly wearing only their underwear by using live casino online! You don’t have to go get suited and booted or spend the day at the salon to play your favorite slots. Many online casinos allow you to play 24 hours a day 7 days a week. However, most games will show you a graphic of a dealer which tends to still stick to the traditional clothing. Apart from that you can wear what you like! During this current ongoing situation with the Covid-19 virus still spreading, many gamblers have no choice but to gamble online. Strict rules including social distancing at tables, constant sanitizing of slot machines and very few customers attending casinos can affect the traditional casino atmosphere. Plus, many casinos are forcing you to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of the virus. This could upset your outfit you were planning to wear at a casino. There are plenty of websites including book of dead that allow you to gamble from your mobile device if you opt not to go to a land based casino. 

Dealers Dress Code

Dealers at tables would typically be dressed in suit pants, dickiebows or ties, waistcoats and skirts. Very few casinos would allow a dealer to represent their business if their presentation wasn’t to the highest and cleanest standard possible. At the end of the day, they are often dealing with players winning or losing sometimes large sums of money. The player would need to feel a sense of professionalism when trusting these employees with their bets. Many casinos would require dealers to have their hair tied up or well groomed and neat. They are often required to keep their face moisturized and clear. This applies to both male and female dealers. Many dealers claim that keeping a good look may often help them gain more tips at the tables. 


Waiters and Waitresses Attire 

Most casinos offer a drinks service. Some even offer guests alcohol or soft drinks free of charge to keep punters in gambling through the night. You might find with many casinos that you’ll have the luxury of being served at your gaming table so your gambling goes uninterrupted. So it is a vital part of the casino industry that these members of staff wear the same uniform. It allows you to see and gain the attention of a server when you need something to drink so you don’t have to get up. This way you are more comfortable and the casino keeps making or losing money. Many of the waitresses will wear short skirts and low crop tops. These days the casino scene seems to be predominantly male customers, so having a good looking waitress wearing attractive clothes can keep the punters staying or coming back. Again, this style of clothes can help the waitress build up tips along with gaining profit for the casino by selling more drinks. Waiters are typically told to wear long black slacks with a white shirt and tie. 


What Should I Wear To A Casino In Las Vegas

Before heading to a casino it might be in your best interest to see if the casino of your choice has a dress code. Most casinos will explain this on their website. It matters where the casino is. If you are heading on a trip to Las Vegas and you want to spend the evening at one of their many casinos be sure to take the weather into consideration. Often, it might be blue skies and extreme heat in Nevada, however most casinos have the air conditioner on at a very cold setting to keep customers awake and alert. Bringing a warm jacket or jumper might prove worthwhile. Most casinos these days expect guests to wear business casual clothing. Women could wear cocktail dresses, long or short matching skirts and even sweaters. Men are seen mostly with slacks or suits. Sports coats and loafers are also fairly common these days. However, in Vegas it is not uncommon to see people wearing flip flops, sleeveless shirts, even wigs and funny costumes. Most casinos in Vegas have long given up on relying on the upper class and have welcomed tourists just wanting to have a good time and enjoy a night gambling. Often these casinos are themed to add to the fun feeling Las Vegas has created over the years. In saying this, there are still many exclusive casinos in Sin City you will find guests dressed elegantly.


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