Perfect Pandemic Product for 2020: Mask Made for Drinking Safely in Public


Now that the post-pandemic reality has set in, masks are now part of our everyday fashion: everyone is wearing masks, whether it’s at work, entering a place of business, traveling on a plane, or going out on a social outing.


There are many online retailers selling masks in many colors, styles and material. However, there is only one mask on the market that allows you to safely drink beverages without exposing your mouth–The Redee Mask. Young startup entrepreneur Ryan Lee has designed a unique mask that keeps your mouth and nose completely covered at all times, even while you drink.

The Redee Mask is the only face mask in the world that has no holes or openings on the front, allowings you to safely drink without exposing your mouth or nose at all. It is a one-size-fits-most mask made from a premium, two-layer cloth fabric, with a bottom flap that allows wearers to use a straw without removing or touching the mask, following CDC guidelines on proper mask use.

Redee founder Ryan Lee says, “I asked myself a simple question. As masks don’t seem to be going away any time soon, why isn’t there one that allows us to safely drink with it on? Masks are mandatory in many states and countries, yet people are taking them off around others to drink (risking everyone’s safety) or are going thirsty during long shifts at work (think teachers, cashiers, and flight attendants).

Our product is perfect for the common consumer or essential worker wanting a safe way to have their water at the grocery store, a cocktail on the plane, or any drink where social distancing is difficult.”

The Redee Mask is one-size-fits-most and is equipped with adjustable ear straps. It can be ordered for $24.99 and comes with additional discounts and free shipping when you order two or more.

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