Tips For Getting Rid Of Dark Eye Circles



Here are some great ways for dealing with dark under eye circles.

Get More Sleep

This one may seem obvious and simple, but it is super effective. To get rid of those pesky dark circles, you can sleep more or make sure that you sleep more soundly. Try to eliminate interruptions and sleep for longer to ensure that your eyes don’t look as tired. As you sleep, your body does a lot of healing work, and it can help to get rid of blemishes like unsightly dark circles.

Here are a few things that will help you get better, more restful sleep:

  • Don’t look at screens at least a half hour before bed.
  • Sleep in a completely dark room
  • Sleep where there are no sounds to keep you awake or to wake you up in the night
  • Work and play hard during the day so that you sleep soundly all night long
  • Try not to worry right before bed, and instead focus on peaceful, happy thoughts. You will fall asleep faster.

Use the Tea Bag Trick

You might have heard of this suggestion before, and it is a tried and true treatment for dark eye circles. Just seep a couple of tea bags for a few minutes and then drain them. Apply the tea bags to the area under the eyes once the bags have cooled. Don’t put hot tea bags against your skin, as that can be painful.

What is it about tea that works wonders on the undereye circles? It’s the caffeine in certain kinds of teas that does the trick. Green tea is a good choice, since it is rich in caffeine. That caffeine will soak into the skin and boost the antioxidant levels, doing wonders for the skin and getting rid of toxins that cause dark circles.

Did you realize that was the reason behind the circles? It’s really just a bunch of toxins that need to be flushed out somehow, and that’s why green tea works so well.

Use Concealer

One method that works well for treating the symptoms rather than the root cause is applying makeup. A little concealer in a subtle shade that matches your skin can do wonders for those dark eye circles. This is a great fix because it is uses what a lot of women already have on hand. If you don’t have any concealer handy, it’s not expensive, and it is easy to apply. You can get those dark circles fixed in no time at all and have a look that’s a lot more energetic and appealing.

Stay Hydrated

This one is important and often overlooked, but you do need to be getting plenty of water. This helps with a lot of skin blemishes, dark circles included. Water flushes out your system and helps your skin to be heathy and vibrant. If you want to retain a youthful look and be energized, then drinking a few cups of water each day is essential. This enables your bodily systems to work better and helps you to not feel or look as tired.

Go for Treatment

The simple, practical at-home remedies may not always work. That’s when you need to consider dark eye circle removal treatments. You can schedule a consultation at an aesthetic clinic and see what they can do for you. If everything else has failed, this may be the only option available to you, and treatment can make a huge difference. Instead of fighting with dark circles every day, you can get immediate relief and look instantly better. Modern cosmetic techniques can be minimally invasive and leave you with little downtime to worry about.

You don’t have to live with dark circles below your eyes for any longer. Visit to learn more and to schedule an appointment with a specialist who can help. You may have a few options for treatment, and after an initial counselling session, you will be able to properly weigh your options.

We listed a lot of tips and tricks you can use to make your skin more beautiful under your eyes, but those won’t always work well enough to give you the results you want, and they can take a lot of time. For faster, more effective results, be sure to consult with a specialist for treatment options.


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