Top 5 Winter Boots for Women


Saying goodbye to summer gets harder and harder every year. And after the series of lockdowns and travel limitations we’ve been faced with this year, saying goodbye to summer has been especially difficult.

But as the cold weather looms there is one thing to look forward too: the autumn/winter collections! With the season of cold toes and chilly ankles fast approaching we’ve decided to put together a list of the warmest, trendiest boots we could find.

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it be a hiking book, a knee-high model, or a Chelsea, here are styles we think you should be wearing this season and could even be wearing for many seasons to come.

  1. The Slouchy Boot – This 80s style boot comes in every height, print, and fabric imaginable. Pair them with leggings or jeans for a casual look or with something fabulous for a party.
  2. The Knee High Boot – Having enjoyed a central place in every woman’s wardrobe from 2005-2015, knee high boots subsequently went on a brief hiatus. They have now returned to centre stage and are once again a must have item for winter 2020.
  3. The Hiking Boot – The ever practical hiking boot is a necessity during the wet and snowy winter months. Combined with floaty dresses a hiking boot can add an element of edge and daring, while they will never be out of place with a pair of straight jeans.
  4. The Chelsea Boot – Like the hiking boot, the Chelsea is another chunky, winter compatible edition to your shoe rack. The Chelsea boot is incredibly versatile and can be combined with almost anything in your closet. What is more, this sturdy boot will last for years.
  5. The Cowboy Boot – Cowboy boots were a big deal in 2019. The craze for this classic piece of footwear has died down somewhat, but cowboy boots are still a trending item in 2020. The key difference is that this years cowboy boots are chic rather than rustic.

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