Naomi Campbell Covers Vogue Magazine November 2020


Naomi Campbell Covers Vogue Magazine November 2020 .Campbell  discusses topics like Black representation in the story penned by Afua Hirsch. On the cover of the magazine,  the supermodel is  rocking a white couture dress from  Christian Dior

“Naomi is my family and always will be! She is my idol to this day,” Akech comments, as Abdi continues to praise her mentor: “Ms. Naomi has taken so many models under her wing. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her being who she is unapologetically. She is the blueprint.” In the interview, Campbell touches on issues like  racism in both America and the UK

“I never used to say the word racism; I just used to say, it’s territorialism… Now, I’m happy that everyone’s all on the same page, that everyone feels comfortable to come out about their experiences without feeling some stigma. But for me, nothing’s changed. I’m going to speak the same way.”

The model continues to share that she believes racism is misunderstood in British media: “They haven’t learned how to be not-racist, period.” According to Campbell, the issue is not as openly talked about. “I’d rather have racism be right in front of my face and know what I’m dealing with, than to have it suppressed. No disrespect to the country I was born in, but we need to dig it up and bring it up and deal with it. No more chucking it down the sides.”




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