Adopting a Zero-Waste Beauty Routine: What You Need to Know




From natural remedies to hundred-dollar beauty products, each of us has our way of feeling like a beauty queen. Regardless of the type of products you use, have you ever considered following a zero-waste beauty routine? Thanks to our raised level of awareness, many people have started realizing how simple little things can make a big difference in the world. However, while most of us take good care of limiting single-use plastics and separating our trash, we rarely think about how our beauty routine falls into the equation. 


In case it’s your first time hearing the term, this is what a zero-waste beauty routine is all about. 

What is Zero-Waste Beauty?

Zero-waste beauty is a relatively new term, also referred to as clean beauty, green beauty, and eco-friendly beauty. To understand where this movement originated from, let’s take a quick look through the beauty and cosmetics industry stats. 


According to a research published in Forbes magazine, more than 120 billion units of packaging, mostly plastic, are produced by the global cosmetics industry, with 70% of this plastic tossed as trash in the landfills. Moreover, we lose 18 million acres of forest each year to the process. We’re not even talking about the volatile organic compounds (VOC) that increase air pollution or the discarded makeup wipes. Don’t even get us started on the rest of the accessories. 


This predicament gave rise to an eco-friendly movement that raises awareness about how our regular beauty routines are detrimental to the environment. As a result, we came up with zero-waste beauty, a routine where you get to feel like a queen in both body and soul. 

How to Adopt a Zero-Waste Beauty Routine

Unfortunately, turning to zero-waste beauty is not as easy as it sounds. It’s going to demand some effort on your part, but here’s how you can get started.

1. Use Fewer Amounts

You may be used to fixing your makeup every couple of hours, but is that absolutely necessary? If you think about it, most of the time, your makeup is already on point. It doesn’t need any fixing; we’re merely used to the habit. The next time you find yourself itching to fix your already perfect makeup, remind yourself of the zero-waste routine. On a different note, how many of us buy products we don’t need? If you don’t need it, then you probably shouldn’t get it. On the plus side, you’ll be relieving your skin from these harmful chemicals and saving on money at the same time. 

2. Avoid Single-Use Products

There are multiple single-use products that we discard mindlessly, even though we can easily find much more efficient alternatives. Think about all the makeup wipes, cotton swabs, exfoliating pads, and sheet masks. Instead, look for a sustainable solution that’s easy to clean and re-usable. Again, think of the money you’ll save in the process!

3. Check the Ingredients

How often do you check the ingredient list on a makeup product before you purchase it? Have you ever even done it before? It’s shameful to admit that most of us rarely do, but we can always start somewhere. You’ll want to check the ingredients for any micro-plastic products that may be included in the makeup, but that may be tricky unless you know what names to look for. While you’ll rarely find the word “plastic,” you may encounter other synonyms like microbeads, microspheres, or copolymers. 

4. Look into Packaging and Shipping

Perhaps the most obvious form of plastics to identify in a zero-waste beauty routine is the packaging. After all, we know what to look for. Unfortunately, the amount of waste that’s packed into the packing of most beauty products is appalling. As a rule of thumb, the best option is to avoid packaging altogether, which you can control if you’re shopping in person. If you’re used to ordering your makeup online, make sure to check their packaging and shipping options, or contact customer service representatives to inquire about zero-waste options if their website isn’t clear on where they stand. 

5. Recycle, Refill, or Reuse

What happens to the products’ containers once you’ve used up the makeup? Normally, we just throw them away, but you should start having second thoughts. Unless you’re sure that the container is completely environmentally-friendly, explore alternate options. Many cosmetics brands have started providing makeup without waste and adding the option of refilling your empty containers once they run out. Check with your makeup supplier for this type of option; it’s definitely the most beneficial of all. In case they don’t offer refilling services, consider another use for the container instead of discarding it. 

6. Don’t Waste Any Products 

By this point, you may be utterly tempted to throw all your current makeup away – but don’t, not yet. You’ve already invested in this makeup, so use it to the fullest until it runs out, after which you can explore eco-friendly options to dispose of it safely. 

7. Look for Natural Alternatives

There’s a reason why many women have started advocating for natural beauty. While natural beauty normally steers clear from chemical makeup products, it still involves using natural remedies to get similar beauty results. If you’re able to switch your whole makeup routine to depend on easily available natural products that don’t involve any waste, then you should definitely do it. Remember to avoid any natural oils or products that are wrapped or stored in plastic containers. 



On a completely different note, investing in natural products is much safer and healthier for you. Remember all the microplastics usually added to cosmetics? It’s not uncommon to also add petroleum compounds. These compounds are derived from plastic, and although they don’t directly result in waste, they’re harmful chemicals absorbed by none other than your skin. These products have been linked to serious diseases, the most dangerous of which is cancer. 


Are you still having second thoughts about the zero-beauty routine? Then perhaps consider all the benefits you’ll gain. In addition to becoming more environmentally aware and leaving a positive impact on our planet, you’ll be repaid with saving on time, money, and health hazards. If you ask us, it’s a winning situation for everyone. 


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