Get the Best Scents of the Season With These 6 Fall Perfume Trends



Fall is among us meaning the changing colors of leaves, the cooling of the weather, and the changes in fashion. However, fashion doesn’t stop at clothes and accessories – you should also be considering the trending perfumes!

Everyone likes to smell good, and you may have that one scent you always wear – but it’s time to change it up!

Read on to learn the difference between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, the notes of a fragrance, and the 6 scents in trending perfumes for fall!

Eau de Parfum vs. Eau de Toilette

Many people are unaware of the difference between the two as you will usually find the brand has the same scent in both options. Here is a simple explanation of the difference between these.

Eau de Parfum is a stronger scent that lasts for much longer. These are seen more like a “night out” perfume. You only need to apply a small amount of the perfume to be able to smell the scent. 

Eau de Toilette is a much softer scent that doesn’t last as long. These perfumes are seen more for daily use. You can apply a lot of this perfume as it will fade quickly to just a light scent.

The Three Notes

Top note: the top note of a perfume is the initial scent of the perfume which only lasts for about 10 minutes. This is usually comprised of the citrusy, floral scents. This part of the fragrance is a lighter smell.

Middle note: this is also called the heart note of the perfume. This part of the fragrance is made up of the main elements of the scent and comes to the senses around 30 minutes after spraying your perfume. Depending on the scent of your perfume, the heart notes usually carry heavier floral scents.

Base note: the base note is the last scent to develop in a perfume. The base note of a fragrance helps the scent fix to your skin and becomes the most noticeable scent in the perfume. This is the part of the fragrance that lasts the longest on your skin.

Now that you know a little bit more about the types of perfumes, and the notes that build a fragrance, let’s move on to our list of fall 2020 perfume trends!

1. Sweet

Usually, we see sweet scents used more during the summer, but this fall it is clear that the sweeter scents are all the rage!

Scents that include vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon, are becoming popular for this fall as they can complement your skin nicely – not covering your own scent, but coupling with it to make you smell sweeter.

Perfumes that are sweet, you will want to get in an Eau de Toilette so that it is just a light scent on you, not overpowering. 

2. Floral

There are many scents coming out now with notes of different types of flowers. If you’ve ever wanted to smell like a walk through a beautiful meadow filled with flowers then you definitely need to find a perfume with floral notes.

Perfumes that include the scents of roses, waterlily, orchids, and jasmine are just a couple of perfume trends we are seeing now. A noteworthy perfume that will have you smelling the flower is Thierry Mugler Alien – described as having a luxurious floral scent. 

3. Fruity

We are seeing a lot of fall perfumes coming out with hints of orange, mandarin, lemon, and even blackcurrant. If you are looking for a scent that is warm but not too sweet, fruity perfumes are definitely the best choice for you. 

A lot of fruity-smelling perfumes are mixed with more grounded scents such as cedarwood, which makes it much more sophisticated and ready to use in fall.

4. Musky

You probably read musky and think this must be a scent for a man, but musk is definitely also a scent that can complement a woman as well. 

Musk is definitely a scent that lines up with fall perfume fragrances since it is such a natural smell. Any perfume you find with a musky scent, even if it’s just an undertone, will have a strong scent. 

When shopping for perfume, if there is a strong musky scent, do not shy away from it – let it settle a little to see what other scents come out. Either way, we suggest getting any perfume with a musky smell in an Eau de Toilette because it is much too strong to be worn as an Eau de Parfum. 

5. Woody

Woody scents are perfect if you love the smell of being deep in the woods, that natural scent that comes from the trees that surround you. The scent of the moss growing, the fresh smell of the crisp fall leaves.

It’s no wonder this makes our list of fall perfume trends as being in the forest just screams fall. Wood ingredients in perfumes give warmth and richness to the depth of the scent. 

Different wood fragrances include Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Cedarwood. They each give different notes to the scent, so it depends on where in the forest you want to smell like that will determine which woody scent you prefer. 

Sandalwood is more of a sensual scent, while Patchouli will make you smell like the freshness of the deep woods, and Cedarwood will give you more of a dry scent.

6. Spicy

Spicy scents are making a comeback this fall, and we’re not complaining. These scents are for the more adventurous because of the certain type of indescribable depth of the scent.

These fragrances usually originate, and remind one, of more exotic places in the world.

Stop and Smell the Trending Perfumes of Fall

Now that you’ve read this guide on scents and the trending perfumes of fall, you’re ready to get out there and find the perfect fragrance for yourself! It’s best to try the scent on at the store so you know what will smell good on you – not every scent smells the same on everyone! Walk around with it on for a bit so you can smell every note and know if it is the one for you.

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