Clinton Does Not Want To Hear “Woulda Coulda Shoulda” For Not Voting


“Don’t forget, Joe and Kamala can win by 3 million votes and still lose. Take it from me. So we need numbers overwhelming, so Trump can’t sneak or steal his way to victory,” Hillary Clinton said during the


Hillary Clinton, the only other Democrat to run against Donald Trump, urged voters not to take the President’s political standing for granted this year, warning that November cannot be a “woulda coulda shoulda” election.

Clinton’s speech was both a reflection on her bid four years ago, where she unexpectedly lost, in part, because some Democrats sat out the race, and an indictment on Trump, a man she described as ill-equipped to be President.

“Don’t forget: Joe and Kamala can win 3 million more votes and still lose. Take it from me,” Clinton said. “We need numbers so overwhelming Trump can’t sneak or steal his way to victory.”

Clinton added:

“For four years, people have said to me, “I didn’t realize how dangerous he was.” “I wish I could go back and do it over.” Or worst, “I should have voted.” Look, this can’t be another woulda coulda shoulda election.”

When Clinton conceded the 2016 election, she said Democrats owed Trump the chance to prove he could grow into the presidency.

On Wednesday, however, Clinton reiterated what she has said repeatedly over the last four years: That hasn’t happened.

“I wish Donald Trump had been a better president,” Clinton said. “Because America needs a better president than this.”

Clinton also said that Kamala Harris would face he same “slings and arrows” she did as a woman running, but that Harris “can handle them all.”

“This is the team to pull our nation back from the brink,” she said.

Clinton also devoted much of her speech to heralding the humanity behind both Biden and Harris, including telling a story about Tyrone Gayle, a Democratic operative who worked or both Clinton and Harris before he died in 2018.“

When her press secretary Tyrone Gayle was dying of cancer, she dropped everything to be with him,” Clinton said. “Because that’s who she is.”

Of Biden, Clinton remembered the vice president calling when her mother died and how Biden handled Beau Biden’s death in 2015.


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