The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Clothing Size


The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Clothing Size


We tend to have a hard time choosing the right size of clothes. Although it doesn’t have to be, sometimes it’s a complicated task. Every one of us has different body shapes, so picking the perfect size can be hard. If you frequently buy clothes that turn out too tight or loose to you, you understand how it is so frustrating every time. 



We made the ultimate guide on choosing the right clothing size to help you with your dilemma. Continue reading to find out how to find out your perfect match! 


Get Your Measurements 


The most important thing about knowing your right clothing size is to get your measurement. We are most likely to measure our sizes with the clothing brand sizes. However, dress sizes don’t mean your actual measurement, moreover, brands have different sizes. 


In getting your measurement, measure your chest area for the bust, your belly area for waist, and your hip bone for hips. Take note of your measurements and base everything on them when you buy your clothes.  

Check Sizing Information

All of clothing retailers or brands have their own sizing information and checking their sizing information is a smart move. As mentioned, although all brand sizes have sizing policies, it may differ on every brand. For example, a Mark & Spencers size 4 might not be the same as Tommy Hilfiger’s size 4. Manufacturers have smaller or larger fit than the others. You can also make use of other resources like the Undywear guide to make sure what you’re buying, underwear, or clothes will be the best fit for you. Before buying any clothes, make sure you know the sizing information. Don’t ignore this guide so you will not waste any money on clothes that will not be fir and will not look good on you. 


Write It Down


It might seem funny, but you should write down all of the information regarding choosing your clothes. Write down your measurement and your sizes in different clothing brands. Put it in your phone notes, journal or planner, and in your computer. This way when you are buying clothes online or in an actual shop, you will have the reference.  When you have a successful purchase in one brand, you can do repeat purchases with the same size that you have on your file. Since measurement and sizes vary everywhere, it helps to know what size are you in a particular brand. You can also do this in other items like shoes, rings, and other stuff with measurements. 


All of us have different body sizes, and it doesn’t need to be a restriction in getting the best clothes for you. It might be tricky, but with some effort and time you can figure out how to easily get the clothes that will suit you. If you follow the steps above, you can guarantee that you will not have any trouble shopping anymore. Lastly, if you are bothered with your clothes size, as the famous quotes said, it’s not about what size you wear but how you wear your size. 



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