How Crystals and Gems Will Change Your Life

There was a time when crystals and gems were just an accessory or reserved for those with certain beliefs related to Buddhism and Hinduism. However, more people are starting to realize that these are not just aesthetically pleasing decorations for decor and necklaces. 

It’s now widely known that crystals and gems can have an effect on your mind, body, and energy. It’s a vast world with many beliefs and philosophies, but how far can crystals and gems really change our lives?


What Are They?


A gem is a type of rare mineral of the purest quality. They are highly regarded for their breathtaking beauty and strength. They are usually used as jewelry and go back to ancient civilizations that believed they possessed extraordinary powers. As for crystals, they are a group of atoms or molecules arranged in unique geometrical patterns. The element of which the crystal is made from determines its shape.


What’s the Difference?


You might feel like crystals and gems sound like the same thing, but that’s not necessarily true. Gems are crystalline in nature due to their rare and high-quality components. On the other hand, not all crystals are made of minerals like gems. They can be made of sugar or salt. This means that some gems may be considered crystals, but crystals cannot always be gems. 


Another major difference between them is the way they are classified. Gems are classified according to their chemical components, what minerals they are made from, their structure, and color scheme. Meanwhile, crystals are classified according to their shape, whether they are cubic, tetragonal, orthorhombic, hexagonal, and rhombohedral. Lastly, while gems come in various colors, crystal colors are dependent on the light passing through them.


The Power of Crystals and Gems


Crystals have been used in healing as an alternative medical approach in which they are used to ease or prevent disease. It is believed they attract positive, rejuvenating energy into the body while expelling all the toxic energy. A crystal healer will take note of your symptoms and place certain crystals on what is known as chakra points, the places in your body that hold energy and are connected to nerves and organs. Their positioning is determined by the healer according to your condition to achieve energy balance. 


Using Crystals and Gems


There are various types of crystals and gems, each possessing a unique shape and certain properties that take part in its healing powers. You don’t have to go to a healer to reap their benefits; you can put them around the house or wear them as the many shapes of jewelry they come in.  

“There are a variety of gems, and the expert from can give you insight into the different ways you can utilize crystals and gems. ”  Constantly wearing crystals or having them placed around you means there is a constant connection to them, and the more you touch them, the more they access your energy and balance it.


Different Crystal Energies


The power of crystals and gems lies in how they can significantly change so much about your body. This is because they are naturally extracted and therefore possess energies from the sun, moon, and ocean. If you need a boost of energy, Bloodstone accelerates blood circulation, making you always stay on the move. Add to it Red Jasper and forget all about procrastination on important tasks. Malachite crystals can help you become a better version of yourself as they absorb all the behaviors holding you back from success. One of the most popular gems is Amethyst, since it’s believed to relieve digestive problems. They also relieve stress and anxiety and can help you get better sleep. Green aventurine is known to keep the heart healthy and strong, while crystals like yellow topaz promote a sense of clarity and mental wellness.



If you have self-esteem issues, go for Rhodochrosite, which helps in self-value and use Carnelian to help you take more decisive action in your life. Amber is one of the most powerful gems, with its ability to alleviate pain. It is used in treating headaches and relieving stress. They also give a sense of purification that prevents diseases. Aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone that is associated with many beliefs due to its resemblance to the ocean. They are believed to help with teeth problems and digestive issues, as well as promoting healing energy that can help with grief or fear of water.


The types of crystals and gems, their properties, and their healing powers are endless. Do your research and pick the ones that can alter your life in the ways you need the most. It’s always good to carry one in your pocket or bag to maximize their use. You can start your morning by laying out a few on your chakra points while taking deep breaths and meditating to start your day just right.


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