3 Ways Your Posture May Be Impacting Your Health And Fashion Sense


3 Ways Your Posture May Be Impacting Your Health And Fashion Sense

‘You can project a confident image through good body posture,’explains Cindy Ann Peterson. Every health expert and fashion magazine recommends maintaining good posture. Poor posture is an issue that affects as much as 80 percent of people who experience back issues, according to the National Institutes Of Health. Yet only 50 percent of them are concerned about having poor posture. From reducing your chances of lower back pain to improving your confidence in all the latest global fashion trends, here is why maintaining good posture is good for your health and your fashion sense.

It Can Improve Your Self Confidence

In 2009, research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology showed that people who sat up straight showed more confidence in their thoughts when it came to their suitability for a job position. It can help to raise self-esteem and self-belief, two key factors that are also affected by the way we dress. Much research has highlighted the uplifting impact that wearing prestigious fashion brands can have on self-esteem and the way consumers view themselves. However, by sitting upright and practicing good posture habits, you can improve the way you see yourself – and the way others see you.

It Aids Anxiety Relief

Maintaining a good posture can also help you overcome anxiety. Anxiety disorders are currently the most common mental illness affecting Americans today. While multiple studies have shown that exercise and meditation can aid in managing anxiety, science has also linked the practice of good posture to an improved mood and performance anxiety. In study published in the NeuroRegulation journal, participants that sat up straight performed better despite the presence of performance anxiety. Good posture also helps with slowing your breathing, a similar effect to practicing breathing exercises for calmness and anxiety relief.

It Boosts The Effectiveness Of Your Workout 

Another reason why a good posture may be a good idea? It can boost your workouts. In an upright position, you put less strain on your muscles and joints, making them less prone to injury and muscle tears. You can even incorporate posture exercises into your workout to aid flexibility, improve oxygen flow to your muscles, and reduce lower back pain after exercises. Core exercises like seated leg lifts and sit-ups can also help you attain good posture.

Your muscles require more oxygen during exercise thanks to an increased metabolic rate and energy consumption. Having a good posture can also help you have more energy. By helping you breathe better and improving your blood flow, more oxygen is transported to and from your lungs.

Tips To Achieve Good Posture

The good news is that with a few simple tips, you can improve your posture almost instantaneously. When sitting down, follow a general rule of keeping your chin parallel to the floor. Bodyweight distribution is also important. Lastly, if you find yourself sitting for long periods (such as in the office), consider the use of an ergonomic office chair that can be adjusted for comfort. When walking, keep your head up and chin parallel to the ground. Focus on avoiding slouching and tightening your core muscles.

Fashion trends may come and go, but great body confidence and self-esteem are timeless. With a great posture, you can have both – helping you feel and look your best in whatever outfit you wear.


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