7 Trendy Jewelry Pieces for Special Occasions


7 Trendy Jewelry Pieces for Special Occasions

Wearing jewelry is a great way to dress up any outfit and have you ready for whatever occasion awaits. Jewelry trends are ever-changing, just like anything else concerning fashion, which can make it difficult to have trendy jewelry all the time. Lucky for you, we have you covered and have gathered seven of the trendiest pieces of jewelry that can work for just about any occasion. Some, if not all, of these pieces, can also be considered timeless and worn repeatedly, even years from now.

Let’s take a look.

Gold Chain

When in doubt, go for something simple yet amazing. Having a chunky or hollow gold chain, depending on your preference or the outfit you are going to be wearing, is going to save you a lot of trouble when trying to pair the right piece of jewelry with your ensemble. You can never go wrong with such a choice, especially nowadays since wearing a simple gold chain is quite fashionable at the moment. As a man, you won’t find a lot of jewelry options that can make you look as good as you want to. Expert jewelers at state that gold chains, Cuban link chains, in particular, are a timeless trend that is going to last for a long time and are suitable for 

both men and women alike. This is why it is important to find really good quality chains that can stand the test of time and are versatile enough to suit anyone regardless of what they’re wearing. Such pieces are bound to make any outfit that much more outstanding.

A Classic Pearl Necklace

This is a staple many women already have in their jewelry boxes, but it is still worth mentioning because a pearl necklace will never go out of style. Whatever you are wearing is going to go from ordinary to fancy and elegant in a second. Pearl necklaces can be kind of pricey, but they last for a really long time and are actually passed down through families sometimes.

A Variety of Rings

Rings are generally trendy, to begin with, but lately, there have been different trends going around. If your rings are delicate and thin, you can pair more than one together for an eye-catching effect. On the other hand, you can do the complete opposite and wear a large ring on its own. Either option is on-trend and, luckily, you can mix and match your rings to get a variety of looks to complement any outfit.

Bracelet Sets

Nowadays, bracelet sets are getting more popular. You will find sets containing 2 or more simple, delicate bracelets that can be worn on their own or together to make a bolder statement.


These sets differ in finishes and materials; available in gold, silver, and even copper in some cases. The bracelets sometimes have charms or detailing that ties them together as a set.

Studded Earrings

This is another classic that you will need, especially if you are going somewhere with a formal setting and do not want to overdo it. Studded earrings have been around for a really long time, but they are timeless. A simple diamond stud earring can make your outfit go from a 7 to a solid 10. Having a pair or two of these earrings in your jewelry box is going to make you look put-together and elegant in any outfit.

Hair combs

Jewelry doesn’t always have to be worn on the hands, neck, or ears. Hair combs, which have been around for centuries, have come back strong and have become a piece of jewelry that will not just dress up your outfit, but also your hairdo. There are many combs out there but you should generally try going for one that can work with different outfits by having it embedded with clear gems that won’t clash with whatever outfit you have on.

Dangling Earrings

If you like making a bold statement while still maintaining an amazing style, you can get on board the dangling earring train that has everyone rushing to find ones to add to their collection. The best thing about dangling earrings is that they can be as bold or as simple as you want them to be. You can get something chunky and colorful, or you can get something simple and delicate to complement the look you are going for.

Having these seven pieces of jewelry in your collection is enough to ensure that you are always trendy and looking your best on any occasion. You can find different ways to mix and match these pieces together, or even wear them separately based on your outfit and the look you have in mind. The most important thing to remember is ensuring that these pieces are of high quality so that they last for a long time without getting ruined.


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