8 Items worth the splurge

Although in most parts of life it’s good to save money, there are some things you shouldn’t skimp on.  An expensive item can mean quality, and there are some things where quality is worth the hefty price tag.

Here are eight things that you should let yourself spend more on.


The average American will spend thirty-six years of their life in bed This time spent laying down will affect your spine, your hips, your neck, and your head.  A lower quality mattress will wear out faster, hurt your body, and leave you with constant headaches.  A good-quality bed is a considerable price leap-up, but it can guarantee you won’t hurt yourself just trying to sleep.

Dental Care

Almost half of people don’t see the dentist nearly as much as they want or need to.  Not going twice a year can lead to cavities, impacted teeth, and general pain.  Although dental care is increasingly expensive, you can get dental insurance for relatively cheap.  Unfortunately, not taking care of them can leave you with significant health problems and heart disease.  It’s not something you can ever afford to skip out.


By learning, I do mean college, but this also pertains to any education.  Invest money into reading more, taking courses online and in classrooms, and spend money on your brain.  An active mind is more likely to fight off illnesses like dementia and Alzheimers, while it also gives you opportunities to advance in your career.



Everyone needs shoes.  They’re more than just style, though, shoes can help keep your spine healthy.  If you buy lower quality shoes, you could be opening yourself up to a lot of problems: not to mention going through several pairs of cheap shoes in a couple of years is more expensive than having one sturdy pair that lasts you.  Although the price can be scary, looking into a Kohls discount code could make it more affordable for you.


Work Clothes

Dressing for the job you have is vital.  If you work in construction, you need durable jeans and shirts, and if you’re in an office, you need clothes that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.  Although dressing well doesn’t guarantee you’ll get promoted, wearing inadequate quality clothing could make you get overlooked.



By insurance, I mean health, home, and car.  You shouldn’t skimp on these because doing so could leave you vulnerable later on.  Having proper insurance protects you against anything in life you can’t control. 



It can seem tempting to save money in life by staying at home, but it’s essential to get to know the world around you.  Traveling to new countries can open you to new possibilities, and can raise your quality of life.  Invest in yourself.


House Paint

This item may seem simple, but it can make a huge difference in your daily life.  Spend more money on the paint you use on your walls because it will save you money in the long run.  Cheap paint will take more layers to apply, and may be at risk of peeling or bubbling sooner than later.  Invest in a color that will stay put.



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