Advancing The Relationship: 7 Engagement Ring Trends For 2020


Advancing the Relationship: 7 Engagement Ring Trends for 2020

Traditional engagement rings typically consist of silver or gold bands adorned with a single diamond. Classic and elegant, a solitaire has been the standard for generations. Variations included differences in sizes and cuts of the diamond but altered little in terms of style. Today, trends range from the traditional to remarkable.

A Variety of Cuts

There are several cuts of diamonds that alter the appearance of the jewellery. These are seen more and more in modern rings. Emerald, marquise, and pear cuts are trendsetting options for the current generation. One cut, Asscher, was popular during the Art Deco era (the early 1920s to late 1930′) and is making a resurgence in 2020.

In addition to unusual stones, trends include open ring styles and eternity bands. Independent jewellery designers are creating collections to accommodate new trends in engagement rings. Most offer their designs online to keep costs down and reach a wide target audience. People will want to browse as an example of affordable and unique jewellery.

Personal and Meaningful

Contrary to popular songs and beliefs, not everyone favours a diamond. Selecting a stone that is the perspective recipients favourite makes the ring more meaningful. Nothing pleases people more than jewellery that suits their personal preferences. Sapphires, emeralds, pearls, topaz or any other stones are another 2020 trend. New designs and custom pieces are available to present a one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

There are no right or wrong choices because anything goes in this day and age. The only deciding factor is if the design, stone, and type of ring appeal to the couple. Most couples discuss engagement and talk about rings before the relationship advances too far. This eliminates the guessing games associated with purchasing the ring.

Yellow Gold

This material is another trend for brides-to-be. Pure gold is far too fragile for jewellery, so it is mixed with other metals for durability. Yellow is different from white gold due to the metals with which it is mixed. Zinc, copper and silver are common elements in yellow gold and are responsible for the classic hue that is becoming increasingly popular.

The positives of yellow gold compared to white gold include less maintenance and less cost. It is also easier to work with for repairs and restorations. One caveat is that the material is more susceptible to scratches, so more buffing is required to protect the band and keep it looking like new.


In addition to different stones and style, a myriad of shapes is also a 2020 trend. A triangle, for example, is not a shape that has been used for engagement rings until now. Horizontal ovals, stars with a stone in the middle and flowers that cradle gems are more examples. Custom rings are affordable now and many ring buyers are choosing to design their own rings.

Animals, seashells and just about anything else can be used as inspiration for a custom design. If the recipient loves dolphins or turtles, the setting for a stone can reflect that. Several small stones can be placed on a turtle shell while the centre stone becomes the eye. Let the imagination run wild and create a ring that will not be duplicated.


It is imperative to consider the occupation of the bride before deciding on ring settings, stones and configurations. Occupations that are rough on the hands, such as medical professions, painting and other trades and manufacturing, are not suitable for yellow gold or high settings. A teacher, writer or photographer, in contrast, will not be likely to dull or scratch the surface or stone with friction and chemicals.

Let the jeweller know the occupation of the recipient so accurate guidance and suggestions can be provided. Looking for the perfect ring is easier with the help of a professional designer or retailer. Give as much information as possible to that person before making a final purchase.


Impressive and eccentric rings do not always translate to expensive investments. Figuring out a budget and buying within means is a wise decision. Going into debt for the engagement ring is ill-advised especially if the couple is paying for the wedding. There will be future costs that may accrue debt.

The big day, the honeymoon, and settling into a bigger apartment or house are more important needs and wants to warrant a loan than one ring. The two-month salary cost that was recommended years ago is not feasible for the average working buyer. Sticking with an original budget is possible when shopping online where pricing is typically lower than jewellery stores.

What to Look for Online

Shopping online is done more than shopping in retail stores, so there are new websites being introduced daily. Important factors to look for on any website are warranties, return policies and reputable operators. Purchasing a ring through a new website is risky because how business is conducted is not tested or reviewed. Fraud and scams are prevalent on the internet.

Reading any fine print and the terms and conditions section is crucial to determine if the site is legitimate. Most sites are operated by experienced companies that also maintain physical stores, so there is little to worry about. However, taking a buyer to beware approach is the best way to purchase trendy engagement rings without the site taking advantage of you.

A Life-Long Piece

The ring is not meant to be replaced every few years like other jewellery. Presumably, it is a life-long piece that will be worn and cherished. That is not always the case, but the ring should be purchased as if it will remain on the finger and be relevant well into the future.

Be careful when deciding on a ring that is fun and quirky. What is favoured now will change as the recipient goes through life-changing events. A baby is one of those changes. The star shaped setting may no longer appeal to the mother as it did to the young bride. Be sure the design will stand the test of time and be enjoyed throughout the marriage.

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