Danielle and Kayleigh met when Kayleigh, a successful holistic nutritionist and health & wellness blogger, was dealing with Celiac reactions resulting in severe cystic acne and inflammation. This led her to Danielle, the owner of the most renowned acne clinic in Southern California, San Diego Acne Clinic. After working with Danielle, Kayleigh realized the true value of skincare, and the major role that ingredients play. Danielle began developments on a revolutionary skincare brand and Kayleigh immediately jumped on board. With her strong nutritional background, obsession for high-quality ingredients, and passion for non-toxic, natural skin treatments, it was the perfect match.


Danielle is a skin care expert, innovator and author, as well as former acne sufferer who has, due to her own acne struggle and 10+ year journey to find solutions, become a skin care and anti-acne expert! She has been changing lives of acne sufferers with 98% success rate in San Diego, CA. Most recently, Danielle has innovated an incredible CLEARstem serum that is anti-acne, hormone balancing, scar revising and anti-aging. She is still changing the lives of her acne patients at her SD Acne Clinic.  The La Jolla-based San Diego Acne Clinic has been clearing skin since it opened its doors in 2015.


CLEAR Purpose

Danielle and Kayleigh saw a huge need. A need for clean, non-toxic skincare for all ages that tackles the signs of acne AND aging. Danielle owns San Diego Acne Clinic and has seen first hand that over 90% of skincare products contain hidden pore-cloggers. Even “organic skincare” and “clean beauty” products. After partnering with Kayleigh, a holistic nutritionist and patient, the two created the perfect line for millennial skin and beyond.

Adult acne breakouts occur well into our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Most acne products create premature aging, while most anti-aging products have pore-clogging fillers that cause acne. You should not be forced to choose between acne products that harm your skin or anti-aging products that break you out. With revolutionary formulas and clinical experience, CLEARstem Skincare has helped thousands treat multiple skin concerns at once-with no toxic or damaging side effects. We got you!


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