What Is A Crochet-Along and Why It Is The next Best Thing in Crochet


What Is A Crochet-Along and Why It Is The next Best Thing in Crochet

Crochet had always been a popular hobby among older women and occasionally men who find it such a relaxing and productive activity. It is a great way to pass away the time, or to even carve out a special me time after the hustle and bustle of life. Although most crocheters would tell you that they do this for the sheer joy of creating something out of a simple ball of yarn, being able to brag about their completed projects is also one of its rewards. Needless to say, there are many groups and clubs of crocheters and they usually have group activities and projects, share tips and trade yarns or supplies and source new projects. With the advent of technology, connecting with other crochet enthusiasts have become easier and accessible to everyone. One such example is Crochet Along and what is a crochet along exactly? 

What is a Crochet Along? 

Crochet Along is a community of crocheters who come together to work on a well-chosen project every month, wherein every member will simultaneously work on the same project at the same time. The hosts from Darn Good Yarn will be setting up this Crochet Along sessions and will be making tutorial videos of the sessions. The videos will then be made available on their blogs so that anyone who might not have been able to join in the live event can do so on their own. 

Crochet Along is like a booklovers club, where everyone has to read the same book over the weekend and then exchange thoughts and ideas after reading the book. Crochet along takes on the same principle, but instead of choosing a book to read, an interesting and fun project will be chosen and everyone will be informed about the materials and the skill level needed for the project. The members will then come together online to do the project, still within the confines of their home and be provided with expert advice, techniques and tips on how to complete the project. Moreover, they will be inspired to make the project uniquely their own by adding in any design, embellishments or colors that they want. It is like challenging ten or more people to do one project and then come up with ten different designs and variations. The projects then can be showcased in the host’s blog if the members want to submit the pictures of their finished product. 

What Makes Crochet Along Unique? 

Although it is not a new concept, but Crochet-Along is unique in the sense that uses technology to form a community of crochet enthusiasts and hobbyists. For a long time, crochet was done individually, although books, clubs and organizations exist, it is not that active or plentiful. Building a community means having people who have the same interests learn and grow together as well as build friendships and relationships. With Crochet-Along, you get the benefit of doing what you love, having a fun time doing challenging projects, find the support that you need, and meet people who share your passion and interests, who knows a lovely relationship might just come from out of it. 

Crocheting is a lovely skill, it allows you to make something new out of a ball of yarn and a hook, and the possibilities of what you can create are endless, from sweaters, scarfs, ponchos, tablecloths, curtains, dresses and many more can be crocheted. However, not many people do say that they crochet, it is like an outdated hobby that has been taken over by the more popular hobbies like photography, travelling, birding, baking and DIY projects. However, there is such sheer joy, peace and quiet that can be enjoyed by those who do crocheting. Thus, Crochet Along, will take crocheting to a new level, it will update an old hobby and make it more relevant so that more and more people will know about crocheting and maybe even the younger generation may take it up so that it will not become a dying skill or hobby. Crochet-Along hopes to provide the crocheting community with the support and growth that will bring crochet to the future. 

What Makes Crochet Along Enjoyable? 

For most people who do crochet, they usually do their projects on their own and in their own pace, some may finish theirs in a matter of days or weeks, although some would also take up to a year to finish one. There are also those who start one project today, and then start a new one the next day, and this may be due to the difficulty level of the project. The goal of Crochet Along is to actually make sure that members get to finish the projects they have started. This is important, because for crochet, the satisfaction and gratification that crocheting brings can only be had when the project is completed, it is only when you get to enjoy your efforts when you have tied the last knot. Not like photography that when you take a picture, you can then see what it looks like, or bake a cake and after the required time in the oven you get to taste and eat. Crocheting is more than that, it takes patience and effort to complete a project and without the needed support and advice and encouragement from co-crocheting members, then it is very possible that one have already given up even before they have started. 

Crochet-Along makes it enjoyable to do crochet, you get tutorial videos at how to do the projects for free, you get a list of materials which you can buy on your own or from Darn Good Yarn and you can have a few laughs at your own mistakes. What is important is that Crochet Along helps people become better at crocheting and will facilitate the revival of the hobby with many people joining in on the sessions. Moreover, the best part is that all you have to do is sign up with your email address as Darn Good Yarn and then you will begin receiving information, tips, notices and even freebies. 

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