5 Bridal Summer Trends Making a Splash in 2019


Weddings are meant to be magical, but this can be hard if you aren’t paying attention to the latest trends. Do not fret, the following are five trends grooms and brides are falling in love with this summer. 

1. Royalty Through Simplicity

Royalty was all about embellishments at one point, but that has changed. Nowadays people want to see royalty that embraces simplicity, with just a few understated embellishments rather than extravagant ones.

You want to make sure the dress does not have too many layers. Of course, this means the dress is going to shine on its own, so make sure you pay attention to the fabric used and the overall design. You want it to look like it was made for you and no one else.

2. Small Embellishments

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing wrong with having a small embellishment, but make sure what you choose is special and will not overshadow you. 

One good example is the Gucci Silk Embellished Headband that you can find on The RealReal, which is small but interesting enough to be one of your few adornments. You can find more Gucci choices at The RealReal if you feel you can use a few more things for your wedding.

3. Enriching Event

Another trend that is gaining popularity this summer is being culturally enriching. Every person has a history that spans through the years, and it may be a good idea to showcase some of that history during this event.

You can have music playing that honors your culture or a food dish that is popular where you are from. Sure, some people may have to take a DNA test to see where their family came from, but it might be an enriching experience for everyone.

4. Touch of Summer

Each season is different, and it may be a good idea to embrace that by incorporating it into your wedding. For example, you can add more summer fruit to your wedding or things that remind your guests of summer. You can clean out individual watermelons, and use them as centerpieces throughout your wedding. 

Incorporating the season into your wedding could go beyond decorations. You can also ask the cook to come up with a menu that uses fruit, such as oranges, watermelons, or cantaloupes. You’d be surprised how fruit can be used in cuisine, and your guests will be surprised as well. 

5. Local Decorations

People getting married usually want a lot of roses around, which does not make too much sense in the summer. Roses do not really bloom in the summer, so having them is not too eco-friendly, so why not switch it up and use what is blooming in the summer?

One good example is wildflowers, even though they are not the first plant you think of when you imagine a wedding. Talk to your decorator to help you figure out what is blooming now and locally to have a more authentic look on your special day.

These are just some ideas to keep in mind to keep your wedding as up-to-date as possible. Being trendy is smart, but make sure you do not lose sight of what you like as well since this is your wedding after all.

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