Women have to put up with a lot, and badly-fitting underwear shouldn’t be another problem to add to the list! Your knickers can be a huge pain in the behind, literally. Whether it’s visible lines under your favourite dress, or frustrating bumps and bulges that weren’t there previously, it can feel like an impossible task to find the perfect pair of knickers. 

With that in mind, we’ve uncovered 5 of the most common problems with women’s underwear, and offer some helpful solutions! So, if you’re struggling to find flattering knickers, read on for our tips.

Problem 1: VPL

You’ve bought the perfect dress and have been looking forward to wearing it for weeks. When the time comes, there’s nothing worse than putting it on to find that you’ve got serious VPL. 

Sometimes, it’s the fabric of your clothing rather than the knickers themselves that cause the issue. Either way, it’s something you will no doubt need a fix for at some point in your life. 

The most effective way to fix VPL is to invest in seamless underwear. It is often the seamed edges that show through clothes the most, so by eliminating this, you might just solve the problem.

You might also want to consider bigger shapes, where the front edges sit naturally at the point between your hip and leg, and the back sits just under your bum!

Problem 2: Elastic digging in

Even if you’re wearing the right size of knickers, you might still experience some discomfort from the elastic waistband. You’ve probably felt it before; that uncomfortable digging in sensation, most likely when you’re sat down. 

This happens to almost everyone, so don’t beat yourself up that your underwear no longer fits properly. You can eliminate this problem by looking for styles that avoid heavily elasticated trims; instead, look for wider waistbands, or waistbands that sit higher on your hip. This will help to avoid that ‘cutting in’ feeling.

You should also look for softer fabrics like stretchy lace or similar, which will also reduce any elastic digging into your midsection.

Problem 3: Bumps and bulges 

At some point, you have probably stood in front of your mirror with nothing on and thought you looked pretty good; only to put underwear on and suddenly develop bumps and bulges where your knickers sit. 

There’s no need to go commando! Instead, look for knicker styles that have been designed to promote a smoothing silhouette. There are knickers available that have control panels built in, without compromising on style. These more supportive shapes look beautifully flattering on, without needing to become a Bridget Jones character. 

Problem 4: Your favourite pair is in the wash

Another common problem is reaching into your lingerie drawer to find a specific pair, only to remember they’re in the wash. This is even more annoying if you were hoping to wear a matching set, or they were the perfect pair to wear under a specific outfit.

The only fix to this problem is to go out and buy yourself multiple pairs of the knickers you love! If you’re investing in matching sets, it’s recommended that you buy 3 knickers for every bra. If you love a particular style, why not buy a pair for every day of the week?

Problem 5: Falling down or riding up

If you struggle with having to constantly pull your underwear up, it probably means that the elastic has gone or perhaps you’ve lost weight! Either way, knickers falling down is not a problem you should have to put up with. It’s time to invest in new pairs; it’s worth trying on your normal size and the next size down, just to be sure.

Likewise, if your underwear keeps riding up, you may not be wearing quite the right size. It wouldn’t hurt to buy a pair the next size up, as they may be on the small side if they’re riding up frequently.

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