Fashion Tips For Men’s Boots in 2019

People used to be differentiated into two: boot and shoe people. But in the fast changing world of fashion, boots can now be worn all year round. With the help of classic styling, not only can they make durable and comfortable boots, but they can also add a touch of versatility to match any outfit, be it casual clothes or suits. But like accessories, boots also have to match certain occasions.

Here are the fashion tips for men’s boots whether you’re trying to pull off a street or runway look:

Cowboy Boots

One of the trends that have made a big comeback in 2019 are cowboy boots. This trend for men’s footwear returned with a variety of designs to choose from. You can select affordable yet stylish boots made from Calfskin Leather, Suede, Lizard Leather, Caiman Belly Leather, and Ostrich Leather just like what this Austin company has in store. The selection does not limit your choice of shapes, be they traditional, snip, square or rounded.

To avoid looking like you’re going to a costume party when wearing a pair of cowboy boots, keep these details in mind:

  • Wear only a plain white dress shirt.
  • Wear close-fitted dark jeans.
  • Avoid tucking the jeans into the boots.
  • Pair your boots with a relaxed jacket.
  • No hats unless you intend to look like a cowboy.
  • A leather belt can go well, so do buckles with minimal decoration.
  • A jacket with a lapel or long trench coat can be paired with your boots.
  • Spurs on your boots is a big NO.
  • This is an article of casual clothing so only wear them to fun social events.

Ankle Boots

This is more versatile compared to the cowboy boots. These ankle-high boots have two styles: the Chelsea and the Chukka.

  • Chelsea comes with square and round toe shapes. Burnished calf leather or black suede are the materials used to create this style. Because of its sleek and simple design, it is best worn to any formal social gathering like business meetings as burgundy or black leather Chelsea boots can look good in a suit. For night outs, it can match well with a roll-neck sweater and a jacket or t-shirt, and a jacket paired with jeans.
  • Chukka, also known as Desert Boots, is made with leather or, most often, suede upper. Its soles are made from either leather or rubber. This style comes with different shades and lace-ups, thus, giving you a wide variety of stylish outfits to pair them with. 

Either style can be paired with your choice of jeans or trousers, and a sweater or button-up shirt.

Combat Boots

This is one of the classics dating back to the Roman Empire that is making a comeback not just for tricky terrains, but to add a rugged element in men’s fashion. Best picks to pair it with are denim and leather, or any heavy-duty fabrics that are dark colored. This footwear is ideal for casual wear or weekend getaways. 

Combat boots can give a kick on a simple look. The rule of the thumb when wearing these bad boys is not to wear long bottoms that can cover the leg of the boot. Either keep them cropped or roll the hems up.

Work Boots

This style is weatherproof, bulky, and functional with its insulated uppers, waterproof liners and treads outsoles. Although it is built to function, this can be worn with style, too. 

Because it is created with a light brown color, these boots can add a relaxed appearance, which is best suited for jeans. You can throw in dark or dark blue jeans with a slim fit, and a plain t-shirt to pull off that trendy laid-back look. 

Biker Boots

While Combat boots can give a rugged appeal, biker boots, on the other hand, can make you look tough and edgy. What motorcycle you drive or if you have one is not a prerequisite to getting this pair of boots in your wardrobe. It can be worn on a regular night out at bars or even when you’re just going away on the weekend. To achieve that biker look, you can pair your dark skinny jeans with any neutral colored t-shirt and a black leather jacket.

Final Thoughts

Buying a pair of boots, regardless of the style, can be considered as an investment. So when you buy a new pair or you’re just starting to try it out, it is essential that you look for the design that lets your feet breath, and is durable as well as stylish. Do not think twice in buying your first pair in reputable brands. Comfort, style, and quality are the main factors you need to consider first.


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