Why James Nesbitt needed a hair transplant

James Nesbittis a popular actor from Ireland who has struggled for a long time with the problem of losing his hair.  He has spent a lot of time and money over the years trying to fix his problems with male pattern baldness.

James is an actor who has become very well-known since the 1990s when he got his first major role in the comedy-drama television show called Cold Feet.

James Nesbitt’s hairline was noticeably receding over the years and he was also starting to lose hair on the sides of his head. This became very obvious and evident ina photo of him that wastaken in 2006.

James Nesbitt hair transplant surgery

For a famous person, particularly an actor who is often in the spotlight, physical appearance does matter a great deal. In fact, James has claimed that his hair transplant surgery has helped him in terms of getting hired as an actor.

Several other actors, for instance, Jeremy Piven and Mel Gibson are thought to also have hadsome type of cosmetic work done to restore their hairlines. 

Many of the actors are not very open about having had any sort of hair transplant work done. This is not the case with James Nesbitt who really has been public and outspoken about the cosmetic work he has had done.

James Nesbitt’s many hair procedures

James Nesbitt had his hair transplant surgery done in Dublin in Ireland, and he has had the process done more than once to improve the overall appearance and thickness of his hair.

It is not uncommon for a man to need to have more than one hair transplant procedure done if he has already lost a lot of hair.  James had to have thousands of hairs grafted since his hair loss was very pronounced.

To the person on the street this may seem extreme and it, of course, costs a lot of money to have the procedure more than once. 

However, for a person who is a celebrity who can afford it, it is worth it, especially since it is likely to affect their career.

James Nesbitt is not the only celebrity to have hair transplant work done

Acting is an industry in which the lifespan of an actor is often limited with fewer roles becoming available as the person ages. Unfortunately, the reality is that looks are important in this industry and most actors and actresses that get movies and television roles are young or have a youthful look.

This means that an actor who can retain a youthful appearance is at an advantage and less likely to lose his job and be replaced by somebody who is younger. Being a celebrity, in general, means keeping up appearances.

Many other celebrities have also admitted to having hair transplant work done. Wayne Rooney of Manchester United Football and Chef Gordon Ramsey are two such individuals who have also had hair transplant surgery. 

Hair transplant procedures are not just for celebrities, many ordinary people can have the work done as well.

In Europe, Turkey is an excellent choice where there are many wonderful clinics such as the Vera Clinicwhich offer affordable and high-quality surgeries for people from all walks of life.

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