The Wardrobe Essentials for Your 2019 Summer Holiday

At long last, the dreary depths of winter are well and truly behind us. All over the country, we’re finally getting our first glimpse of the blue skies and blooming flowers of spring, as temperatures start to rise and our winter coats are pushed back onto their hangers for yet another year. More importantly, the return of the sunshine should remind you of one very significant thing: it’s nearly time for your summer holiday.

However, although this is undoubtedly going to be one of the highlights of the year, you’re probably already starting to worry about what you’re going to wear on your travels. After all, when you’re lapping up the sun on the beaches of Barcelona, you’re going to want to make sure you look good doing it.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a quick list of the wardrobe essentials you need for your summer holiday in 2019:

Ibiza Tees

Nothing says “summer” like a collection of eye-catching Ibiza tees. Typically packed with colour and emblazoned with stunning print designs, these distinctive t-shirts have always been a staple of the summer holiday wardrobe. Those displaying summery graphics, such as palm trees or blazing suns, are usually the most popular for anyone travelling to warmer destinations; while you may also want to consider trying an Ibiza-style vest to really embrace the sunshine.

Just as fashionable in 2019 as they’ve ever been before, Ibiza tees feature large, stylish text printed right across the front of the design, helping holidaymakers achieve a real statement style on their next trip to the beach. Additionally, these popular t-shirt styles are also a great option for warmer city breaks.

Short Shorts

When the sun’s blazing overhead and you’re sweating in places you never even knew existed, the last thing you want is to find yourself stuck in a pair of tight skinny jeans. Instead, every holiday wardrobe needs to include a few comfortable pairs of shorts.

While this certainly won’t come as a surprise, this summer is going to be all about the “microshort”—otherwise known as the short-short. These cropped designs tend to reveal much more of the thigh, allowing you to catch a few extra rays and, perhaps more importantly, stay nice and cool while you’re exploring a sun-baked city.

These versatile shorts are ideal for both relaxing by the pool and heading out for a nice evening meal, while there’s always a huge variety of colours and materials to choose from. From smarter chino designs to laid-back, comfortable swim shorts, microshorts are ideal for achieving a super-casual retro-look this summer.


You just can’t go on a summer holiday without a good pair of sunglasses. As well as protecting your eyes from strong UV rays, sunglasses also ensure you don’t spend your entire holiday squinting and holding your hand up to your face—two things which will inevitably ruin every single one of your photos.

Although you might feel pressured to invest in an expensive designer pair, there’s certainly nothing wrong with opting for a cheaper, standard set of sunglasses. After all, no matter where they’re from, you can always match them up perfectly with your shorts, shirts and anything else you plan on wearing this summer. Without sunglasses in your suitcase, your holiday-look will never be fully complete.

Print Shirts

Although the majority of your holiday might be spent relaxing in the sun, you’ll obviously need to make sure you’ve got something to wear in the cooler evenings. Flamboyant, eye-catching printed shirts are certainly the way forward here, with the more distinctive designs often invoking some truly summery vibes.

Bright colours and flamboyant floral patterns are essential features of every summer shirt, while others will feature vibrant animal prints and stylish check designs. Either way, you need to avoid bulkier cotton flannel shirts (despite how much you might wear them here in the UK), and instead pack your suitcase with airier, more lightweight shirts which will give you plenty of room to breathe.

When you’ve got your suitcase packed with all the basic essentials, you can make sure to always kick-start your holiday in style.

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