New Diamond Crushers From Lime Crime


One of the most amusing things about the world of contemporary fashion is just how much this kind of wearable art changes from week to week. New products come on the market at every turn incredibly fast. Fashionistas find it delightful to examine new items they might enjoy as soon as they show up on major media outlets. They want to experiment with all kinds of terrific looks that show off who they are and how they respond to world. Playfulness is a must for all those who like to use modern makeup. Those who embrace this love of fun color and new styles are likely to be pleased by a new line of products making a splash on the shelves. Lime Crime, a company where creativity is the order of the day at all times, has yet again created a new product for their many followers to order and use at home.


Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers


Diamond crushers lip toppers are not the average ordinary lipstick people might find anywhere. These are truly lipstick transformers. Unlike regular lipsticks, these are six lipsticks that are filled to the brim from bottom to top with holographic glitters. Holographic glitters are colors that immediately stand out and call attention to the wearer. These are perfect for the bold fashion lover comfortable color. They’re also wonderful for someone who wants to show off her personal outrageous side now and again. These products are designed to be worn by themselves or on top of another product at the same time. This makes it easy to use the lip toppers to create looks that are full of varied color. It also makes it easy to create layered looks that show off many facets of the wearer’s personality no matter the time of the day.


Pairing Them With Other Items


One of the most amazing things about these products from Lime Crime is how easy they are to pair with lots of other kinds of makeup choices. While many women choose to wear the diamond crushes as part of a specific look designed to make them the center of attention, many others like to get equally bold with their other makeup choices. A graphic contour looks fantastic with these lip toppers and equally ideal clothing items of all kinds. Ombre brows are another common choice for those who choose these lip toppers. Using two different colors on the brow is a great way to call attention to lovely features like large eyes or perfectly formed brows. The two styles pair quite well for an evening devoted to fashion and fun. The two contrasting brow colors are an ideal thing to wear with the colors that mark the diamond crushers line.


Fantastic Iridescent Sparkle


Diamond crushers are easy to wear. They come in many wonderful shades. People can pick from color like pink pearl that provide subtle elegance that let the wearer’s lips take center stage. Lit, a lovely vision of brown and pink, is right for an afternoon at the ballet or time with friends at the beach. Those who want to go for a more noticeable color can go with black unicorn. This deeply purplish option is wonderful for women who are comfortable with color that demand immediate attention. The same is true of meadow, a warm and pretty green hue that looks good with many other shades of green and yellow. Unicorn Queen is another possibility for women who love pastels but also appreciate deep colors at the same time. Each person can find the precise shade for any look they have in mind.


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