5 Easy Steps To Get Perfect Cat Eyes

  1. Draw the wing first of all. Starting from the corner of the eyes to outwards, so that it is in the same angle where your eye brows end!

  2. Now make a triangle from a little before the corner of the eyes. Do both the steps on both the eyes.
  3. From the inner corner of the eyes, draw a line as close as possible to the eyelashes, else it will appear blotchy! Sketch a line back to your upper lash line. This is where you decide the thickness of your eyeliner.
  4. Now fill color in the triangle created in the previous step with the pencil. Seamlessly join the upper lash line with the triangle making an symmetrical line. you are
  5. The application of 2-3 coats of thickening, lengthening mascara brings a perfect finish to the proceedings to give a subtle and sultry look. Keep your makeup remover pencil handy. And give it a perfect finishing touch!!



Types Of Cat Eyes

Types- Of -Cat- Eyes




The “kitten eye,” as it’s called, is our top pick for an understated, classic look that can be worn day or night—it’s even perfect for work.



The V shape eye  in the outer corners of your eyes, drawing inward over the lid.


The Winged eye



1. Line the upper lash line including the spaces between the actual lashes (this is called tightlining) from the inner corner of your eye to the outer edge.
2. Draw a line up from the outer corner of your eye using the curve of the bottom lash line as a guide. Note the length of this line, to repeat on the other side for symmetry.
3. Connect the inner corner of the eye with the top of the line at the outer corner.
4. Fill in the shape.



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