The  Fashion Sizzle Team recently paid a visit to Artist, Actor, Businessman, Designer, Model and Renaissance Man, Carlos Con Long at his I.M.A.G.E.(International Mix Artist Group Entity) Gallery, located at 1501 Broadway in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.

Since its inception a year ago, IMAGE Gallery, the only Modern Contemporary Art Gallery in Bushwick has showcased both local and international modern contemporary emerging artists.

During our visit, the German Born Graffiti artist, Sokar Uno’s work “Depths of Loneliness” was being exhibited.

We found the Argentina born, Maryland bred artist very gracious and humble as we discussed a variety of topics including his appreciation for the game of Chess, and the correlations to his paintings, his fantastic detailed one of a kind leather bags, which he stated can take weeks to design and his role in the 2014 Martin Scorsese Executive Produced movie, “Revenge of the Green Dragons” starring Ray Liotta.

After our interview with Carlos Con Long wrapped we were in awe as he simply took his cute little dog out for a leisurely walk.


Fashion Sizzle TV's Host, Angel interviews Carlos Con Long
Fashion Sizzle TV Host, Angel interviews Carlos Con Long

We put a few questions to Carlos Con Long:

What/who inspires you as an artist?

What inspires me is satisfaction in the results of my work reaching out to viewers. For example, when a client receives a finished portrait done by me and tells me how much he or she loves it and complements how real it looks, it keeps me driven.

As a Gallery Owner, what do you look for in other artists?

I have a team that look for artists but as for me, I look for detail. Detail exhibits the dedication and time that was put into a piece. I like to judge a piece by how much time was put into it.

Carlos in front of a few of his works
Carlos in front of a few of his works

Being that you are not from the NYC area, why did you choose NYC as your base and why Bushwick?

New York is convenient. All 5 boroughs are easily connected through a transit system. It never stops. New York is also a great city with vast networking opportunities. As for Bushwick, the location of gallery kind of found itself. But it just so happen it is where a lot of artists reside. So it was meant to be that I continue to push forward with IMAGE Gallery in this location.

Where do you see IMAGE Gallery in the next FIVE years?

In 5 years I want IMAGE Gallery more in the public’s eye and a consistent base selling original artwork and creating a platform for upcoming and established artists.

What are your long-term goals not only as an artist, but as an actor as well?

My long-term goals as both an artist and an actor are to get residuals. Having reruns on a television show or commercial I did or selling my prints to my paintings without me being present on location would be a dream come true.

What kind of genre movies do you like and what actor do you admire?

I admire Gangster films because I can relate. My favorite movie is Blow. My favorite actor is Johnny Depp.

Was “Revenge of the Green Dragons” your first movie?

Yes, my first principal role although I did many speaking roles but they were all short films and web series but Revenge of the Green Dragons was my first Union paid principal role.

You are also a model, how to stay fit and what is your workout routine?

I train with Cinematic Studios and I have fun with kickboxing.

What is the name of your dog, how long have you have her and what is the breed?

My dog’s name is Pearl. She’s a mini-pincher mixed with Chihuahua. She has been a companion of mine for 2 1/2 years.

Fashion Sizzle Interviews Carlos Con Long.

Article By : Debbie Eschoe

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