Glenroy March founder and designer at D’Marsh Couture was born in Jamaica and is now based in New York City.  The House of D’marsh  brand recently presented its menswear Collection for the first ever New York Men’s Fashion Week.

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The name of the brands  collection for New York Men’s Fashion Week  Presentation is signature Glenroy.

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The inspiration for the collection is architecture and the print of the collection was inspired by  House of D’marsh  sponsor Coco- mat.

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The collection is a mixture  of masculine and feminine combined together to create  the desired look.

House -of- Dmarsh-fashionsizzlerThe color pallete of the collection is black, white , grey along with pops of color including red and turquoise . Models featured tailored jackets, shorts,  printed button down  shirts,  and tailored trousers  which were style with bow ties, ties, scarfs and  berets which gave  a military chic vibe.

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Glenroy March
House of D’marsh
New York, Paris, London
(646) 361- 5087

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