Chanel presented the brands  Fall 2015  Collection  in Paris on  on Tuesday March 10, 2015. Below are some who attended and sat Front Row.
Li -Yuchun-Chanel-Fall-2015

Li Yuchun wore a Chanel Spring 2015 head-to- toe ensemble

Florence -Welch-Chanel-Fall-2015

Florence Welch wore a Chanel Spring 2015 design styled with a black wide-brimmed hat.

Poppy -Delevingne-Chanel-Fall-2015

Poppy Delevingne wore a short sleeve gold Chanel Resort 2015 tweed lace shorts ensemble styled with a black Chanel Plexiglas clutch.

Lou -Doillon-Chanel-Fall-2015-Front-Row

strong>Lou Doillon

Laura- Bailey--Chanel-Fall-2015-Front-Row
Laura Bailey

Miroslava -Duma-Chanel-Fall-2015-Front-Row
Miroslava Duma

Hilary -Tsui-Chanel-Fall-2015-Front-Row
Hilary Tsui

Alessandra -Mastronardi--Chanel-Fall-2015-Front-Row
Alessandra Mastronardi

Haya- Abu -Khadra- and- Sama- Abu -Khadra-Chanel-Fall-2015-Front-Row
Haya Abu Khadra and Sama Abu Khadra

Saila -Kunikida-Chanel-Fall-2015-Front-Row
Saila Kunikida

Carmen- Kass-Chanel-Fall-2015-Front-Row
Carmen Kass

Cécile -Casse-Chanel-Fall-2015-Front-Row
Cécile Cassel

Anne- Berest-Chanel-Fall-2015-Front-Row
Anne Berest

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