Kim Kardashian is featured on the cover of ELLE UK January 2015 issue. Kim is on three covers in total with two on the newsstands and one as the subscribers cover. Kim is photograhed by Jean Baptiste Mondino and is wearing designs by Burberry, Balmain, and Louis Vuitton for its feminism issue .


Her cover on the magazine was sparked with criticism which made Lorraine Candy the magazine’s Editor-in-chief release a letter on the magazine’s website. Candy wrote about the criticism, saying, “I noted some people questioning our choice, querying Kim’s credentials as a successful woman and ours as a feminist magazine. I wish women would not judge other women in this critical way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion; but for me, Kim’s success should be applauded, not sneered at or, indeed, denigrated. She is the perfect face for an issue devoted to self-belief.”

She continues later in the letter saying “It would be great to [recognize] the value of what each of us does individually rather than continually comparing ourselves – and then illogically deciding somehow we don’t measure up. I think ‘if she can do it, I can too’ is a better approach, and I hope that when we next carry out a survey on womanhood, we can rely on you to sow the seeds of a revolution in self-belief.”

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