Fashion in the 1890s in European and European-influenced countries is characterized by long elegant lines, tall collars, and the rise of sportswear.
The mid-1890s introduced leg o’mutton sleeves, which grew in size each year until they disappeared in about 1906.

During the same period of the mid-1890s, skirts took on an A-line silhouette that was almost bell-like.

The late 1890s returned to the tighter sleeves often with small puffs or ruffles capping the shoulder but fitted to the wrist. Skirts took on a trumpet shape, fitting more closely over the hip and flaring just above the knee.

Corsets in the 1890s helped define the hourglass figure as immortalized by artist Charles Dana Gibson. In the very late 1890s, the corset elongated, giving the women a slight S-curve silhouette that would be popular well into the Edwardian era.

The 1890s in both Europe and North America saw growing acceptance of artistic or aesthetic dress as mainstream fashion, especially in the adoption of the uncorseted tea gown for at-home wear. In US in this period, Dress, the Jenness Miller Magazine (1887–1898) , reported that tea gowns were being worn outside the ho

Evening dress, House of Worth, Paris, circa 1890. Shaped satin piping, metallic tulle, embroidery sequins and gold bullion

DInner Dress | c. 1895 Those Schleeves! The Costume Institute

Victorian Tan/Brown 1890 Dress.

Worth evening dress ca. 1890 From the Preservation Society of Newport County

Evening dress c. 1890s. The Royal Armory and Hallwyl Museum, Sweden.

Emile Pingat, Paris. Tea dress c. 1892 comprising bodice and skirt. Silk satin, silk velvet, glass, beads, metallic thread, silk cord.
Haute Boutique

Tambour-embroidered beige visiting dress with sequins and velvet collar, by Nadezhda Lamanova, Russian, 1890s. Made for Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.

1890's -gowns
Bourdereau Veron et Cie dress, circa 1893 from The Kent State University Museum

bridesmaid’s dress by House of Worth, 1896.

Evening ensemble by House of Worth, 1893

Dress 1892
Dress 1892

Wedding dress, 1892, via Fripperies and Fobs.


House of Worth ca. 1890


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